The High Sheriff's Cadet

Alisha Swann

The High Sheriff’s Cadet in Northamptonshire is drawn from the Northamptonshire Emergency Services Cadets. The Cadet assists the High Sheriff during the year in office, may act as a Sword Bearer to the High Sheriff at ceremonial events and will also accompany the High Sheriff to other engagements in the County.

Public services are essential constituents of a modern society and roles in this sector call for you to enjoy a challenge, be level-headed and have good communication skills, too. Alisha is keen to qualify as an officer with Northamptonshire Police, ideally specialising in response. To this end she is studying the level 3 uniformed public service course at Tresham College, a two-year course.

As a Police Cadet, Alisha is part of the overall Northamptonshire Emergency Services Cadets structure. Being a cadet offers her the opportunity to work directly with the police, learning different laws and aspects of the job; it also allows her the opportunity to share and teach new cadets, which Alisha enjoys. Being a cadet allows her to learn new skills and participate in events and parades.

Alisha works part time as a customer service assistant at the Kettering Conference Centre and enjoys playing football, running and paddle boarding in her spare time.

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