Northamptonshire Emergency Services Cadets

Northamptonshire Emergency Services Cadets (NESC) was founded in 2015 to promote a unique youth involvement programme that would provide opportunity for a diverse range of young people to access meaningful cadet activities. NESC supports the interoperability of the three emergency services Fire, Police and Ambulance by encouraging young people to work through any barriers they may have with authority and by having their awareness raised, understanding the role of officers, staff and volunteers in keeping our communities safe places to live, work and play in.

Northamptonshire Emergency Services Cadets is a vibrant and dynamic organisation providing unique youth opportunities to young people in Northamptonshire. The organisation was set up to build a sustainable cadet programme that was autonomous in its decision making whilst working in partnership with the emergency services. In common with many organisations operating in the voluntary and community sector, NESC is seeing a growing need for its work while at the same time witnessing dramatic reductions in the availability of public sector resources to address these challenges.

In 2018 /19 Cadets delivered 51,116 hours of volunteering to assist the emergency services and community groups in initiatives such as crime prevention, community speed watch, consultation, event management, vehicle safety checks, water safety management and inter-generational work. This was achieved through the commitment of Northamptonshire Police, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue and East Midlands Ambulance Service who have included Northamptonshire Emergency Services Cadets in their Community Engagement Plans. This has meant that cadets are given excellent opportunities to learn and develop by working alongside officers and staff that are committed to youth involvement and outcomes for young people. Cadets are now assisting with core business where appropriate and are recognised and valued for their contribution.

Ann-Marie Lawson, Executive Director Emergency Services Cadet Scheme

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