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County data for Adverse Childhood Experiences ( ACEs) shows declining life outcomes for Northamptonshire’s most disadvantaged children, young people and families. Local ACEs research strongly links childhood trauma to numerous negative impacts such as poor health, substance abuse, homelessness, incarceration and premature death. In this context, the Crysalys Foundation has been established to:

  • Prevent, reduce and treat the negative impacts of Adverse Childhood Experiences such as physical, mental, sexual abuse or neglect, poverty and exposure parental use of drugs, incarceration or domestic abuse;
  • Promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charities and their use of resources;
  • Relieve the needs of disadvantaged children and families.

Crysalys achieves this by:

  • Testing and honing new clinical approaches for impactful strengths based family interventions which go beyond traditional ACEs methodology;
  • Facilitating cross sector and multi-disciplinary teams to enable traumatised children and families to restore their wellbeing and fulfil their potential.

Crysalys’ partner charities include:

  • Service Six;
  • Northamptonshire Police;
  • Northampton East Early Intervention Partnership Hub;
  • The Faraway Children’s Charity;
  • The University of Northampton

Drawing on the reach and influence of the University and the High Sheriff, Crysalys has the unique ability to highlight the ACEs challenge in Northamptonshire, the perspective to identify gaps in current services, and the ability to facilitate effective partnerships and programmes to tackle ACEs issues head on. Crysalys have recently been instrumental in securing funding for a pilot with ten Northamptonshire families with children at risk.

The Crysalys team has the vision, skills, energy to make a real difference and is in a unique position to bring the public-private-academic-charity sectors together for greater ‘collective impact’ in the lives of local children in terms of:

  • Improved wellbeing;
  • Increased education attendance and attainment;
  • Better parenting and family life.

Local ACEs research cites that preventing ACEs in the future could significantly reduce violence perpetration, incarceration, drug use, binge drinking, smoking, unintended teenage pregnancy and poor diets. Investing in our children now saves the public purse many times over in the future.

Please help us make the future of our county and young people brighter by finding out more and supporting Crysalys via

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Adrian Pryce DL, Chair

The Crysalys Foundation

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