The High Sheriff of Northamptonshire

High Sheriffs are appointed by Her Majesty the Queen to represent her in each county in matters relating to the judiciary and the maintenance of law and order.


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A welcome from the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire

Apart from the Monarchy, the office of High Sheriff is the oldest in the country having existed for over 1,000 years. With that in mind, when I made my Declaration as the High Sheriff of Northamptonshire on the 3rd of April I was very conscious that my year in office would represent no more than a blink of an eye in the continuity of the Office but nonetheless one I hope to be able to put to some good effect.

It is an enormous honour to take on the role of High Sheriff of the great county of Northamptonshire, the home of Formula One, the traditional heart of the British footwear industry where shoemaking continues to flourish and where agriculture and the food and drink sector are such important players in the local economy.

In my year, I look forward to meeting many involved across these and other industries and sectors in the County. In particular, I also hope to be able to meet and support the often unsung heroes of the Northamptonshire Police and emergency services, those working in the Courts Service, the Probation and Prison Services and the Youth Offending Service as well as the multitude of those selflessly giving of their time within the voluntary sector which, of necessity, plays an ever more crucial role in our day to day lives.

One area on which I would like to focus is the need for early intervention to prevent adverse childhood experiences which are the cause of significant mental health issues, learning difficulties, substance abuse, homelessness, crime and other negative social outcomes in later life and, in that respect, the work of the Crysalys Foundation in leading a collaborative Northamptonshire model to prevent, reduce and treat such adverse childhood experiences.

Paul Parsons, High Sheriff of Northamptonshire


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